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Laseretch offers you a complete asset tagging and industrial labelling service. We supply asset tags and rating plates to all sectors of industry. Laseretch offers a comprehensive range of materials and finishes including, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Traffolyte, and clean room reverse engraving. Based in our 3,000sq. ft. workshop in Dublin 12, we utilise our suite of Trotec Lasers and CNC cutters to produce asset tags and labelling for a broad range of customers. Click here to download our Company Brochure.

Our Services

  • Stainless Steel

    We specialise in laser etching stainless steel name plates and asset tags. Utilising our CO2 lasers, parts can be permanently marked with high contrast, high resolution marks for logos, bar-coding, identification and serialisation purposes, without damage to the substrate. Markings placed on stainless steel are extremely durable and have survived such testing as abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, outdoor exposure, extreme heat, extreme cold, acids, bases and various organic solvents.

  • Traffolyte

    We laser engrave and CNC, cost effective rating plates signs and tags in tough durable Traffolyte. Traffolyte, the tough, durable and cost effective solution is suitable for moderately hostile environments. Traffolyte is a generic name for pnenolic engraving laminate. The material is made up of three layers, the outer layers being engraved to expose the contrasting core. It is available 1.5,or 3mm thick. Traffolyte's excellent insulating properties make it ideal for use in the electrical engineering industry.

  • Anodised Aluminium

    At Laseretch, we laser engrave anodized rating plates, control panels, fascias and asset tags. Anodizing, (or anodising), is an electrolytic passivation process that increases the thickness of the oxide layer on the surface of sheet aluminium (and other metals.) All our supply anodized aluminium is anodised to 25 microns, this hard wearing and maintenance free metal material is manufactured specifically for laser engraving. Due to the nature of the anodising process minor variations in shade may occur from sheet to sheet.

  • Data Matrix

    At Laseretch, we incorporate the power of data matrix code technology into your asset tags. A Data Matrix code is an ISO standardised two-dimensional matrix Symbology commonly used for small item marking applications. Due to the ability of this Symbology to contain a large amount of information, the Data Matrix has been adopted as the standard by many organisations and industries including the United States Department of Defence via their unique identification marking (UID) compliance requirements. Talk to us about utilising Data Matrix codes as part of your asset care program.

  • Electrolytic Marking

    Large items of plant and equipment can be permanently marked with asset numbers ECT on site. Electrolytic marking is based on an electrochemical etching process where the image on a stencil is transferred to an electrically conductive product by the action of electrolyte and electricity. The resulting black make is permanent.


  • “When crisp dimensions and sharp laser-etching is required I think first of Paul Harrison from Laseretch. Quality, kept promises and user-friendly delivery are rare in one package. Laseretch has delivered on this project."

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    Mark Mulcahy - Project AI&C Consultant
    Mylan Respiratory Dublin

Our Team

Laseretch was founded by Paul Harrison who has over 15 years experience in the area of precision laser engraving. Paul and the team at laseretch are passionate about giving our customers cost effective solutions coupled with exceptional customer care. You can email Paul by clicking here Click here to download our Company Brochure.

Our Range of Products

Industry leading lasers and software coupled with our team of craftsmen ensure the perfect job every time.

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Click here to download our Company Brochure.


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